Girls Trip Tees: Save the Water!

I have the best friends!!! Really I do! There are 5 of us that are still besties from grade school and gained an even larger group of friends from college that are still close.  Add to that all the recent friends I’ve made in the sewing community and WOW I’m blessed!

A couple of weeks ago my besties from grade school (minus 1) and I made an impromptu one night trip to a Greenville, SC just to hang out and get away! We all needed it and I’m so glad we made it happen! BTW if you live in the south east and need a quick trip Greenville, SC is great; good food, walkable downtown, peaceful river front parks. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on the trip. Darn, I should’ve taken more pics. Anyway on the the shirts…

I’m the cheesey friend so I wanted to create some cheesy girls trips tees for us. A quick Pinterest search for “girls trip tees”  returned some cute ideas but I loved these “Save water, drink *insert alcohol*” shirts.


I reached out to my girls to see if they had a liquor preference but I ended up just winging it and using what I knew they liked. Though in retrospect I should’ve changed one of the tequila’s to bourbon or whiskey and added a cute little cocktail glass and a square ice cube.

If y’all are interested I’ll do a video tutorial on how I created this design in Adobe Photoshop and used my Cricut Maker to cut the vinyl and my Cricut EasyPress to make the shirts. You could also do all of this in Cricut DesignSpace so maybe I could show that as well.

***I know I’ve promised a few videos that I have delivered yet, but these Cricut videos should be quicker and easier to produce than sewing tutorials. ***

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One response to “Girls Trip Tees: Save the Water!”

  1. […] You may remember back in July when I made the “Save water, drink ____” tees. If not, here ya go. Well one of my grade school couldn’t make that trip so she didn’t get one. So […]


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