Tip’s Thoughts: Vogue Holiday 2019

Every year I want to sew something for a holiday party even though I never have a holiday party to attend. One year I sewed a black velvet and gold lame dress, but it ended up being a fail. Thankfully the mini version I made for Miss Socialite turned out great! Holiday pajamas are much more practical for me and my family.

Still I’m quite excited to view Vogues new holiday patterns and some are just great patterns to have anytime of the year. Let’s start with the patterns I like, but do not need to buy.


I love the elegance of V1656. The drapey back and the sweep train would be perfect for a formal winter event. White is lovely on the model, but I could see other classic holiday colors like red, green, silver or gold.

The pattern calls for a stretch fabric and the pattern recommends matte jersey, but I could see it is a stretch velvet.





I definitely do NOT need V1654, but I just might buy it just in case -one day- I need a formal gown. This gives me a Maleficent vibe, very “super hero chic”… wait she’s a villain. Oh well. I love the drama of the length, the front pleat and the full length sleeves. 

If that special event never comes I suppose I could make the knee length version, but for some reason I don’t like it nearly as much. Right now I can’t tell if that is because the short length reduces the drama of the front pleat or if I just don’t like the ribbon trim. Hopefully someone else will make this and I can figure it out.

V1661 is a great alternative for women who prefer pants to dresses. I love the high waist and the large pleats that create the voluminousness legs. I prefer the flow-y look of the cream pair to the stiffer look of the black pair so I would go with a wool challis or other drapier fabric. I also prefer the flat front the the fly, it seems more polished.




V1667 is the last pattern of this release that I love, but don’t need. My stash already contains a handful of blazer patterns and I’m pretty sure I can add the pleated flounce, which is my favorite part, to a pattern I already own.

I’m also a tad confused as to why the button front pants aren’t included in this pattern. They seem as if they are featured, but aren’t apart of this pattern release at all. The cream pants seem to be 1661. If you’d like a similar pattern try Mimi’s Simplicity 8750



So this dress should probably be in the “want but don’t need” category above, but I this dress is so “ME”. I just have to have it! I love the neckline, the waist side pleats the length…everything. I would tone it a down a bit by using a stretch sateen or suiting instead the suggested shantung or brocade. A print would also help in making this dress more wearable for my lifestyle. 





One thing I don’t love about Vogue patterns is that the tend to only offer one view per pattern, even their separates. So I’m glad that this pattern includes the top, pants and skirt. I’m a sucker for asymmetrical tops so that is what caught my eye on V1655, but the seamed pants and pencil skirt sweetened the deal. I find the pants that feature front and back seams can be easier to fit, so these are a win for me. And while I’d never wear this skirt with the top, I love a pencil skirt. I’ve yet to find a woven pencil skirt pattern so I had decided I’d redraft the skirt sloper I started at Mimi G’s conference a few years back, but my weight keeps fluctuating. 


V1657 is on the bubble. At first glance is looks like a easy chic dressy dress, but the longer I looked the more it started to look like a real starter pattern not quite fit for the fancier fabrics it’s shown in. I, currently, have it on the “buy” list because I do love a dolman sleeve and a wrap bodice. Sometimes the right fabric can really make a a simple dress pop and I have a piece of red pleated stretch velvet that I think could do just that.



Last up are the ones I’m not so sure about. 


V1666 – I like the idea of the strips of leather on the jacket and pants in theory, but not in reality. Something about the cut of the coat isn’t doing it for me. Maybe someone will make this and I’ll change my mind.

V1658 – There’s something about the wrap front with the drape that I like, but the lapped back zipper is weird to me.

V1663 -The pleats at the back waist of this pattern give it a nice fitted look, but something about the lapels and ties reminds me of a bath robe. I’m sure the envelope sample is a woo, but it’s reading like a fleece here, which is contributing to the robe took.

V1653  This dress is giving me 80’s vibes and I’m not sure how I feel about it. My first thought was that it was cute, but then I realized I would look just like my mother in the 80s. Which isn’t a bad thing, I’m just not sure the 80s need to be repeated.

V1662 – I actually like these paperbag waist pants, but I already own M7466 and don’t feel like I need two pattern for this look. Though honestly I prefer this line drawing.






What do you think?

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