Tip’s Thoughts: McCalls Winter/Holiday 2019

The McCalls Winter/Holiday patterns are out so lets get into it…


First up, the two patterns I might purchase, 8025 and 8022. While there’s nothing spectacular about this wrap top, I’m always in search of more tops. As much as I love a wrap dress there should be no surprise that I like this top. I will admit I could probably just alter a wrap dress, but sometimes I’m lazy.

8022 also isn’t a standout, but I’m trying to make more casual pieces and I love a sweatshirt dress (see here¬†and here). My previous versions have had kangaroo pockets and the hidden pocket here intrigues me. This might be my winter go to over leggings. Now I just need a great sweatshirt knit. I swear I have the hardest time finding sweatshirt knit with stretch that isn’t just mechanical. If you know of any stores that carry some please let me know in the comments. If I can’t find any I guess I’ll go with a terry knit or a ponte.


These two are borderline for me. Mimi G’s Lexi jumpsuit is the first thing that came to mind when I saw 8028 and I was right view C looks similar. Even though I love a jumpsuit I think I’d prefer this look in separates, which could easily be achieved with any sweatshirt and jogger pattern. View B, which looks more spring to me, is actually my favorite and it may or may not be enough to make me grab the pattern. We’ll see.

This staple 8 gore skirt (8005) is cute, I’m just not sure I’d wear it. In my mind if I’m going to wear a skirt I might as well make a dress and not have to worry about a coordinating top. Also, I’m on the fence about the lack of a waistband, though I do like the higher rise. I don’t think I’d ever do the side sashes and I wouldn’t color block in the way they have here. If I were to color block I would do the two outer and two inner pieces the same.


Every season all the big 4 patterns release “repeat” patterns, basically patterns I know I’ve seen before. I am aware that patterns are constantly being discontinued and some looks are so classic they are worth repeating. Also everyone comes to sewing at a different time and current trends require tweaking. All that being said I already have (or know of) patterns similar to these and maybe you have them in your stash too.

The new 8029 actually isn’t the same as M6209, but view A is too similar for me to own both. I love 6209 (see here), but I’ll admit I do like the fact that 8029 looks as if it is designed to wrap over in the front, whereas 6209 just meets. I don’t care for the shawl of 8209, but I do like the hood option.

McCalls does give us great bodycon dresses, I mean 6886 is still a staple and it looks like it was the base for 7999. The latter simply adds a mock neck option and a side slit. At least 7531 gave us a center back seam and 7833 gave us a side gather.

I was too lazy to look for 8013 and 7994 doppelgangers, but I’m sure they exist as both are staple pieces. That said I like both of these, I could see myself wearing either. I might actually buy 7994, but that is because my similar Simplicity pattern is the smaller pattern and I now need the larger sizes.


These two made me shake my head. The envelope cover for 7995 is just ugly. I don’t like the line drawing for view C but the fabric they used doesn’t help anything. View A isn’t bad, but I think I have a shirt pattern with the neckline that I could just extend into a dress.

I promise you I thought 8021 was a robe. It wasn’t until I looked at the model pics that I realized the fabric was sequin and it was intended to be a dress. I really thought it was a terry cloth or a fleece. I don’t like any of the views.


These last two are honorable mentions. Admittedly this dolman sleeve top could have been in the previous group of patterns that have already been done (see KS3720 and KS4190). Still 8024 tempted me because I love this roomy, casual style of top, but the truth is this top is too easy to draft for yourself – even for $1.99.

Something about 8023 gives me halloween vibes. Don’t you think it would make a great witch dress? It’s a bit goth to me, but in a good way. I won’t be grabbing this one. Not because I don’t like it, but because I don’t have any place to wear it. In the past that has never stopped me for buying a pattern or sewing it, but I’m trying to be more mindful with my sewing. I can’t wait to see someone sew this up though.

I didn’t touch on every pattern in the new release so if you haven’t seen them all head on over to McCalls site. What do you think? Will you be grabbing any of these?



3 responses to “Tip’s Thoughts: McCalls Winter/Holiday 2019”

  1. I am a fool for a Dolman sleeve…but I feel like that top needs more going on for me to get interested. Thanks for the picks!


  2. Thank you for bringing my attention back to 8022. That is something I would totally wear! I agree it is hard to find the perfect fabric, but french terry would work very nicely!

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