It’s Fall Y’all: Bomber Jackets

I realized several years ago when I made my first bomber jacket that I LOVE them. Which was interesting because I don’t think I owned any RTW bombers. I’ve made several for myself and Miss Socialite over the past few years. Somehow I managed not to make one last year, because I already had three, but this year it’s on as I still have several versions I need to create.

My first attempt was New Look 6226 along with Sew a Little Seam’s Ollie Bomber. These look cute but were a fail, learn from my mistakes here.

Even though my first attempts were a fail, my sister insisted that she wanted an Ankara jacket, mind you I still didn’t have one. This time I used M7100. I love this pattern, read about this successful make here. As most things I make for my her and my mother, I’ve never seen her wear this.

After the success of my sisters jacket I made myself my own version of M7100 out of a floral quilted knit I purchased from Fabric Mart.

Miss Socialite got a matching floral jacket (and joggers). I love the Ollie Bomber jacket for kids! Her instructions for both the unlined and lined version are awesome! I bag all my bombers per her instructions.

I sewed this bomber as an entry for Pattern Reviews Sewing Bee (see here). The challenge was a reversible piece and I made this satin/Angola bomber using Simplicity 8418 .  My only complaint about this jacket is that cotton doesn’t make the best lining, so I hardly wear it showing the satin side.

So after making six bomber jackets (7 really -I made one for a customer) I still have so many more I want.

Denim: I love all of theses

L to R: Dk Wash Denim (B&C) | Color Block (Levi)| Patched (Ralph Lauren)| Quilted (Ralph Lauren)

Leopard: Who doesn’t love animal print?

Left: Diane Von Furstenberg Right: Anthony Thomas Melillo

Varsity: Especially  because patches are a thing now.

L to R: Polo Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Polo Ralph Lauren

I could also make an argument for more version like leather, velvet, suede or quilted, but where would I store all of this jackets?!

Have you sewn a bomber jacket? What version should I make next?

What do you think?

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