Simplicity’s New Branding and Early Spring Release 2020

Simplicity had been hinting that something new was coming in their IG and Facebook feeds with their looks back at old logos. Also Mimi G had teased her new patterns a little early and we saw the new pattern envelopes. But today Simplicity has officially released their Early Spring Collection as well as their new “mission statement”?


A Time for Transformation

A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be! Today’s Simplicity is moving beyond the trends. Inspired by timeless style, easy comfort and natural fabrics. Patterns for the whole family designed to satisfy a mix of skills, sizes and figure types. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality, encouraging creativity and helping you experience the joy of making it yourself. Shop spring essentials, statement pieces for misses’, and cool separates for cool kids. Plus Mimi G has a new unisex pattern sure to be your go-to topper for the season! ~from

First of all let me just say I do like the new branding. The new look is clean and well…simple, which makes since from a company named Simplicity. The pale blue is a nice cool color that can work for all season (maybe not fall but it’s ok) and the new typeface is fresh and again clean. I definitely prefer the style of the new envelopes.

All that said I’m not really feeling most of these new patterns. Now this is a personal preference as they are staying true to their new direction of “timeless style and easy comfort” so I have no complaint there.

Lets start with what I liked.


  • Y’all know I love a wrap dress and S9042 checks all my boxes, wide neck bands, waist darts, sleeve and hem length options. I do wish is was a true wrap dress, but I like the wide sash so it’s ok. I could see myself wearing any of these versions made up in a linen, crepe or poplin.
  • S9041 is almost too similar to 9042, though it really isn’t. I know that doesn’t make sense. Something about the wrap bodice seams too similar to justify buying both, even though it isn’t a wrap dress. I do like the flutter sleeve option. The floral print is giving me little house on the prairie vibes, which ain’t helping. Still it’s a cute dress, I would just use a bolder fabric choice.
  • I can’t think of a reason that Miss Socialite would need a pants suit, but I promise y’all I’m going to come up with one just so I can sew S9055. This is too cute to me! I need us to have matching suits ASAP. She also loves “work wear” like the slim pintuck ponte pants in her closet and grown up prints like houndstooth and some plaids.
  • I am really excited about this unisex parka or utility jacket that Mimi and Norris are sporting. Truthfully I really want a classic rain trench with a detachable hood option, but this is a cute rain jacket with a detachable hood so I’m good. (I’m still considering Rebecca Pages Taylor Trench) and I plan on making V1650 one day). Not sure what the right fabric is for this one, a nylon? twill? coated cotton? I’ll find out. I even think my hubby might want one of these. I’m making mine first though.
  • Lastly shout out to Norris for giving men something to sew as well. My hubby doesn’t sew, but I think he would love it if I made him pants. Typically Norris’ fit is a bit too tailored for hem, but maybe I could make the proper adjustments to make these work. Just not sure if I should make these as it could definitely start something.


Now on to the let downs.

While classic and easy to wear can describe a multitude of styles so of the one’s in this release give me “little house on the prairie” vibes as I stated above. Now look that’s not a bad thing, it’s just not me. I like to think I lean more classic and chic with modern twist.

  • That stated I simply don’t get S9058 *insert shrug* Views A nor C do anything for me but the combo of half shirt half cape gives me Gordon Gartrell vibes. I’m seriously confused.
    Image result for cosby show theo shirt
    The Cosby Show
  • Frumpy is the only word I can use to describe S9046. I guess I just like my layers to be actual layers. This looks more like pjs that should be worn around the house, IMO.
  • Y’all know I love a twinning look, but I don’t think I’ve ever liked a drop waist so S9057 is an automatic NO for me dawg. The girls version can get a pass, but not the misses’. It’s too bad to because I love the raglan sleeve options.
  • S9047 isn’t horrible. I mainly picked it because I wanted four patterns for the picture (lol), but I definitely wouldn’t sew it. I’m typically not a fan of drop sleeves so that doesn’t help. Besides that it’s described as a jacket but is being modeled as a shirt. I don’t like that it can’t decided what it wants to be and honestly I don’t think it looks good as either.

Keep in mind that theses are just my opinions and I just share them because I host this blog and I can do that. If you disagree feel free to share in the comments, I’d love to hear other thoughts on this release and the new branding.

3 responses to “Simplicity’s New Branding and Early Spring Release 2020”

  1. Honestly, I don’t like any of it. I need something with a waist and all of these seem shapeless, not timeless, to me. I know lots of people like these types of styles thought.

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    1. Agreed, I need a bit more structure.


  2. A lot of shapeless stuff – kind of reminds me of some of the indie patterns. At least you can get these for less money and printed on issue instead of .pdf, I guess. Totally agree that the prairie look is not for me, but it is “in” with celebs and I can see it being popular.


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