Girlfriend Sweatshirts

So I’ve done it again…made group custom tees (well this time sweatshirts). You may remember back in July when I made the “Save water, drink ____” tees. If not, here ya go. Well one of my grade school couldn’t make that trip so she didn’t get one. So when it was time for us to all get together to celebrate her 40th birthday, I decided to make another set of tees. Except this time the temps were predicted to be in the low 40s so tees weren’t really an option. Long sleeve tees, which is what I originally planned, wouldn’t even cut it.

The birthday girl fell ill and didn’t make it in this photo.

I knew I wanted to do something that kind of reflected the fact it we were together for her birthday, but I didn’t want anything too cheesy or something that we would never wear again. After some pinterest scrolling I decided to simply feature our birth year with either the word ‘vintage’ or ‘classic’.

Sweatshirt from Walmart and all vinyl is Siser HTV.

These sweatshirt are the Time and Tru brand from Walmart and while they aren’t the heaviest, they are soft and cozy. All the vinyl is Siser HTV, the red is from the electric line. As I do most times, I designed all of these in Adobe Photoshop before bringing them into Design Space. Either way works I’m just more familiar with the Adobe suite (and have access to it) and find it more flexible.

I thought they were cute and my girls loved them.


7 responses to “Girlfriend Sweatshirts”

  1. So cute! Would you ever consider featuring these in your Etsy shop?


    1. I would! The items on my shop are printed by a printing company so they wouldn’t be metallic.


      1. Oh bummer (about the metallic) but I’d still buy! Please post if this becomes an option in the very near future.


      2. Sure. I’ll work on it tonight. Email me which one you’d really like and I’ll see if I can make you a metallic one.


  2. Those turned out really cute!


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