2019 Sewcialists Top 5: Misses

We all love the hits, but with hits always comes misses (no matter how great our IG feed looks) . Well below are my top 4 misses of 2019. I’m sure I have 5 but 4 is all I have photographic evidence to share.

First up Vogue 1490 which was just an epic fail. It was so bad it never even made the blog. I’m still not sure what went wrong here. The fabric, the fit, the pattern or me, but ugh! I used the recommended fabric, for once, a taffeta. True mine was a stretch taffeta, but that shouldn’t have cause THIS! Next the fit, I do think I sized up because I didn’t want to end up with something too small that I could not adjust. I never bothered to do any modification after I tried it on. As much as I would like to just blame the pattern, I can’t because The Twilight Stitched made a elegant evening version and Lylytif made funky more casual one. So that leaves the last factor, ME! Whether my craftsmanship was lacking or this just wasn’t the right silhouette for my body, this just wasn’t a dress for me. The most upsetting thing about this make is I was going to wear this to a wedding and of course I was only about a week out trying to finish this up. Thank goodness my plan B, M7720, worked out. It even made my #sewingtop5 Hits list.

Now the Simplicity 8379 itself wasn’t a miss. It’s simplicity makes it pretty fool proof. I just made the ultimate sewist error of not washing my fabric before sewing. When this dress hit the washer and dryer it when from a (mini)dress to a top. ALWAYS WASH YOUR FABRIC FIRST! (I still won’t, but do as I say not as I do.)

The Pietra pants were a miss for my body type. I actually really liked the high rise, flat front and hip pockets of the Pietra. The elastic back just isn’t flattering on me, there was so much fabric in the back to gather that even in the relatively light tencel that I used for the pants view it looked like a diaper booty. Thankfully Closet Case has since added a tutorial to remove some of the ease and insert a side zip, here. Maybe with this modification I’ll try them again. Maybe…

Lastly the Iris sweater wasn’t a true miss, but again a issue due to sewist error. I was in a rush to whip up this pattern and cut the wrong view. This twist front sweater came in a cropped and regular length and I mistakenly cut the cropped version. While I believe people should wear what they like, I am not currently comfy in a cropped top and only finished this project because it was for a test and I really wanted to use this fabric. Lesson here: DON’T RUSH YOUR PROJECTS!

Did you have a major miss this year? What happened? Tell me in the comments.

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One response to “2019 Sewcialists Top 5: Misses”

  1. Thanks for sharing your misses and disappointments. We have all been there!


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