2019 Sewcialists Top 5: Highlights

2019 was a good year

My husband and I love the beach (the kids are indifferent) so we try to make it to the ocean at least once a year. We didn’t make it last year and thought we weren’t going to make it this year once it was obviously that summer had slipped us by, but we managed to getaway for a long weekend trip during fall break. We had an amazing time and my only complaint was not being able to stay longer. We stayed near Panama City Beach in an area that was close to all the things to do in PCB, but also out of the way enough to feel like a beach vacay. We rented a house via VRBO and were able to walk to the beach, a grocery store and a coffee/donut shop. Great family memories were made there, namely an epic family game of Monopoly!


Staying on trips, my hubby and I traveled to Cali this summer to celebrate my friends union as husband and wife. This trip was special for so many reasons. First of all the love between Mimi and Norris was so special to witness, it was truly one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever attended. It was also wonderful to see several sewing friends that I hadn’t seen in years. Catching up with Candice, Brittany, Anita, Johanna, Danesha, Deb and Joy was amazing. Also, it was my hubby’s first trip to the west coast and I was excited to show him the little bit I know about LA. I was a super nice wife and never even drug him over the the fabric district! We explored DTLA, spent a morning in Hollywood and walked the boardwalk at Santa Barbara. The weather was dreadful, but we made the best of it. He is saying he needs a do-over due to ensure he gets the sunny Cali experience.

I’m so proud of myself for achieving my goal of a bound headstand! This is something that I had tried in the weekly yoga class I take at my gym and I really wanted to challenge myself to nail this. It seemed so much more likely than a handstand and a little more difficult than some other arm balances. With constant practice I can definitely get up there. Certainly there is more work to do to hold it for longer or come down more controlled, but yoga is a practice! Just this week the yoga instructor had us try handstands…umm that was scary so it may or may not be the goal for 2020. I’m thinking flying pigeon is more likely.

Though these aren’t supposed to be sewing related I’ve got to say I am excited that I designed and released the Definition of a Sewist merch in my Etsy store. It was an idea I’d had for awhile and I finally decided to do something with it. I am often guilty of using perfection as an excuse not to execute, so I’m happy I just put it out there. Thank you so much to those who have supported me. The tees and mugs are even available at Topstitch Studio in store, here in Atlanta.


I love spending time with my friends so I’m have to include the impromptu trip that I made with my girls from grade school. We all meet up at a central location so that we could have a girls night (literally 1 night) free of husbands and kids and just kick it like we use to do (but with alcohol-we grown now!).We enjoyed dinner, a little window shopping and kicking it by the fire pit. It was totally worth the trip for a few hours of us time.

What were your highlights this year?

What do you think?

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