2019 in Review

I wasn’t as productive as I typically am this year. In 2019 I created and blogged about 40 pieces compared to 58 in 2018. Honestly at first I was a little bummed because I knew I hadn’t sewn as much as I had planned in the last half of the year, but sometimes life gets in the way of sewing. 2019 proved that balance is hard. There are so many things that I would like to do as it relates to TipStitched (projects, tutorials,  cricut projects, patterns, videos, newsletters), but I have to balance that with fitness, work, family time and self care. I’m still working on that, but aren’t we all? If anyone has it figured out let me know!

Still I’m proud of my 40 makes. I sewed 14 dresses, 9 tops, 3 pants/shorts, 4 outer layers (1 blazer, 2 cardis and 1 cape) 2 skirts, 1 pair of corduroys, 1 set of pjs and 1 robe.

My Top Nine Makes


  1. I love this floaty, bright dramatic caftan! Simplicity 8505 is such an easy sew, but it can make a huge impact with the right fabric choice.
  2. The Zadie jumpsuit was a hit this year, quite possibly the most made indie pattern of 2019. I used a solid red seersucker for mine and have plans for more in 2020.  I like it so much I hacked it into a top pattern as well.
  3. I made this cape this winter, but I’ve already got a ton of wear out of it. It’s a perfect layering pieces for chilly weather. I can see more versions of McCalls 7477 in my future.
  4. Burda 6829 is one of my TNT knit dress patterns, so it’s no wonder that I love this one!
  5. I truly enjoyed making my navy and gingham mini capsule. I need to do this more in 2020. I made the top of S8927 and the M6965 in a gingham linen and the skirt to S8927 and NL650 out of navy linen. All the pieces mix and match.
  6. After making NL6581 it made my favorites lists. I just can’t tell you how much I love this wrap sweater dress! It’s soft and cozy and just so easy to wear.
  7. Much like M7477, Mimi G’s Annie Cardigan is perfect for layering. I wear this to work, to the store, on road trips, out to restaurants and anywhere that may have variable temperatures.
  8. I love this dress because I installed boning and a horsehair hem for the first time and it turned out great. Also I wore this dress to a beautiful wedding where many sweet memories were made.
  9. Chartreuse was definitely my color for 2019. I purchased this mystery fabric mainly for the color, I’m still not sure what it is -maybe a stretch linen blend.  Whatever it is, it was perfect for this Naomi dress. This dress is great and could be made fully reversible, which I LOVE! I also made a chartreuse suit that I’ll include in 2020 because I haven’t blogged about it yet.

The Top Nine Blog Posts

  1. Closet Case Pietra
  2. Statement Blazer – Closet Case Jasika
  3. Tip’s Thoughts: McCall’s Spring Patterns
  4. 2019 Early Spring Pattern Release Thoughts
  5. 2019 Burda and Vogue Spring Thoughts
  6. Tip’s Thoughts: Spring Patterns from Simplicity
  7. Tip’s Thoughts: Vogue Summer 2019 Release
  8. Red Hot Wrap: New Look 6581
  9. Tip’s Thoughts: Simplicity Spring 2019 Release

Top Nine IG Posts


Cheers to 2020! Let’s see what this year and this new decade holds.

2 responses to “2019 in Review”

  1. Francene Greene Avatar
    Francene Greene

    You only did 40??!! Well, if it makes you feel better I did FOUR. I say 2019 was a slam dunk for your sewing. You created beautiful garments that you felt good about and that you shared/inspired others. You did this all while managing family, work, and self care! Hats off and big cheers to you!


    1. Awww thank you. I definitely love my makes and plan on focusing more on creating things I love and not just sewing for the sake of it in 2020.


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