Tip’s Thoughts: Vogue Spring 2020

If you follow Carlos Correa of Vogue Patterns you know this release has been teased for a few days and finally we have them, the latest patterns from Vogue! I was pretty impressed by McCalls release so let’s dive in.



Love these, but I won’t add them all to my stash.

  • Vogue 1675 is lovely. The drape of the sash is everything! It helps that the models are wearing my two favorite colors. Sometimes I wish my office environment warranted this type of dress, but I guess sometimes I’m glad it doesn’t. That said I know I don’t need this pattern, but I really like it.
  • This dress almost didn’t make the yes category because something about the asymmetrical neckline is slightly off to me, but I still like it. I also like the other view with the criss-cross bodice and the options to colorblock excite me. Again the fabric used for the samples are awesome. Not sure if I will grab this one.
  • Vogue 1673 gives me both geometric lines and colorblocking! And the sample is black and white!!! Three of my favorite things. Typically I prefer the sleeveless view of any dress, but here I prefer the sleeved option. Not sure if it’s the way the straps sit or the fact that I loose another element of the colorblocking. I will likely not purchase this pattern because I don’t really need a statement dress.
  • More colorblocking, but this time more subtle as it’s just the trim. I like both views of V1671 as the silhouette seems flattering. I could see this in tons of color or even prints, but I don’t think I’ll be grabbing it. Can’t wait to see what someone else does with it though.
  • This skirt, much like V1673, makes a statement. However V1683 also offers a tamer version that is more practical for everyday wear. The striped fabric used for view B really shows design of the overskirt. I could see myself wearing both skirts, although to where I’m not sure. I might have to get this one under the guise that I could wear view A to work as overdressed as I may be. I would love to make the over-the-top version though, even though it requires a whopping 4 yards.
  • Now this skirt I will pass on, though I love it, because I reads formal and I never have formal engagements. I’m trying to stop buying patterns for the “one day I’ll need a …” reason. The oversized pleats of V1684 are simple yet gorgeous and could be paired with any basic fitted top for a dramatic look for a special occasion.



None of these make the cut for me, but they have qualities I like.

  • As I stated in my McCalls review I need more separates, especially tops. So I wanted to like V1680 with is twisted front, but something is off. It may be that we’ve seen this twisted top quite a bit recently or the slight messiness of the twist I’m not sure. Either way I think I will leave it. It has potential though.
  • So I’m conflicted on V1688, I love the looser robe-like fit of the jacket, but I just don’t get the lines of the pants. They seem unnecessary and don’t really add any interest. Personally I don’t see myself wearing the jacket so this one won’t be in my cart.
  • V1672 is lovely, especially mid stride as they have manage to capture it for the envelope, but this is one of those patterns that falls in the “I’m sure I’ve seen this before and may already have the pattern in my stash“.
  • Again I have mixed feelings about V1681. View A has lines that are interesting, but possibly not flattering, while view B is a good basic drapey blouse. Typically I love when I can get two totally different views in one pattern, even more when it’s Vogue, but I think I’ll pass here.
  • So I love these culottes, they just look almost identical to V9091 unless I’m missing something.
  • I love striped fabric for patterns that play with the grain, until it’s time to cut and sew them lol. So I can’t help but want to love V1676, EXCEPT for the hideous flounces or ruffles or whatever they are. They absolutely kill the whole look for me even though I’m sure they are supposed to be flirty or something. I’m interested to know what this dress would look like with clean hems, but probably not enough to but the pattern and try it. Someone else please do!



  • As much as I stated above that I love geometric shapes and asymmetrical lines I do not care for V1678. I’m sure that someone is going to slay this look, it just won’t be me.
  • Again the colorblocking here is not enough to make me want V1687. I get the oversized structured look of the jacket, including that cool pocket flap, but I just can’t rock it.
  • V1690 is just a miss for me. I don’t get it, I can’t see it on anyone.
  • This is a miss for me more in the fabric chosen, I think. I just can’t get past it the pink collar border. It’s not a bad dress, I just don’t love gathers or empire waists, this would look like a maternity dress on me.

Well that;s most of the patterns, head on over to Vogue’s website to see the rest. Tell me which one are must haves and which ones are hell nos for you in the comments.

What do you think?

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