Winter Plans

Even though winter officially started about a month ago I’m just finishing up planning out this seasons “to-sew” list. I know that January is almost over, but the busyness of the holidays in December and a work deadline earlier this month prevented me from finishing my plans this any earlier. The weather here isn’t helping matters as cold temps haven’t really settled in, but rather visited a few times.  I love warm weather more than the next person, but even I think high 60s are a bit odd for January. It’s just hard for me to think about sewing with wool it’s warm outside. Finally I’ve pulled together what I want to make for this season.

Ever since I made my mini collection last summer I’ve realized I like that approach and I’ve tried to do that this season. I still don’t think that I’ll commit to a single color palette per season, mainly because I’m trying to sew down my stash and it is all over the place.

First up lets look the navy pieces.


Next I’ve always got to have some classic black.


Of course I’ve already made this chartreuse suit.


  • Chartreuse tie jacket – Butterick 6523 in a chartreuse suiting by Milly from Fabric Mart (sold out)
  • Animal print bodysuit – Simplicity 8789 in a chartreuse and gray blouse weight woven from Fabric Mart (sold out, but it’s reorderable so it will be back)
  • Chartreuse flared pants – Butterick 6523 in a chartreuse suiting by Milly from Fabric Mart (sold out)

There are a few other pieces that I just want to make that don’t exactly fall within the navy or black “collections” above.

  • McCalls 7997 – I would just love to have this coat dress in my wardrobe.
  • New Look 6298 – I made one of these a few years ago in a wool knit (here) and I love how cozy it is.
  • McCalls 6992 – I have a few sweatshirt and terry knits that would be perfect for a sweatshirt.
  • New Look 6581 – Ever since I made my first version, I new I needed another. I have a great gray rib knit that would be great for this.

There are also a few fabrics I have that I would like to use this season.

  • A red pleated velvet I grabbed at the ASG sale that I have no idea what to do with. It would have been gorgeous for New Look 6581, but I already have a red version of that dress.
  • A red stretch velvet from Fabric Mart that I think would make a cute dressed up jogger set, but I’m not sure because it could also be a sweatshirt dress or a cute top and leggings.
  • A gray stretchy sweatshirt fabric from Fabric Mart that obviously needs to be a jogger set, but I’m considering the knit overall by Simplicity (8855) because different.
  • A leopard gray/black terry knit from Fabric Mart that I probably only have enough of to make a sweatshirt.






What do you think?

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