Chartreuse Suit Styled 4 Ways

I apologize if you’re tired of seeing this suit, but this is my last post on it! I just want to show you that a bold color, like chartreuse, can probably be worked into your wardrobe. You can pair a bright color with neutrals or for even more of an impact style it with other bold colors. Below are 4 ways I’m going to style my chartreuse.


First you’ve seen that chartreuse works well with gray. I even used gray bias to bound my Hong Kong finish.


Obviously almost all colors work with basic black and white, but here I’ve added black and white stripes for a little more interest.


Navy is another neutral that compliments chartreuse.


And lastly I tried it with a bolder option, maroon.


What’s your color scheme? Do you use bold colors for staple pieces or pops of color as an accent? Or do you stick to neutrals? Prefer cool tones or warm? Let me know in the comments.