Tip’s Thoughts: Simplicity Spring 2020 Release

Simplicity has released their spring patterns and it’s time to share my thoughts. I mentioned in my review of their Early Spring pattern line that I love the new branding, but the patterns not so much. Whelp…that is still true just more so.

Let’s start with what I like (because that’s going to be real short):


I LOVE both of Mimi’s patterns!!! S9097 is gorgeous and unique, I can’t think of another pattern like it. It may not be the most practical, but it is fun! I love it in yellow as Mimi has sewn it up, but it would also work in any spring color like pink, coral, lavender, sky blue and white. I think it could work in a print; maybe a seersucker, pinstripe or tiny floral. I can’t decide if I like the jumpsuit or the dress more, or which I’d sew first. I’d love to see the jumpsuit in a tencel.

On to S9114 which I absolutely love, because three or more views in one pattern make me happy. Especially when I can see myself wearing each view. I love the crop top and pleated pant combo! Right now I’m shying away from crop tops, but as of this morning I’ve lost 7lbs using Weight Watchers. I haven’t seen a change in my measurements just yet, but it’s only been a week and a half. Regardless of how my progress I make in the next few weeks, I will be making this outfit! Y’all will just have to deal with the FUPA. LOL Not sure if I’ll use a print or a solid, but I’m definitely thinking linen or a crepe.

Despite the fact the View C (the dress/duster) hits two of my pet peeves, requiring more than four yards and tons of gathering, I do like it. How soon I will get to it, is honestly debatable. It is something I think I would wear, but it’s nothing I am going to love to sew.

I have no feeling towards the entire rest of the release.  Seriously, I get where Simplicity is going, focusing on clean, simple, drapey pieces, I’m just not their target demographic. That said I’m sure they’ve hit a home run with their target market.


None of these are bad, I’m just positive they (or one of the other Big 4) have already released these. Like I’m positive S9109 (the wrap skirt) was just released under one of the brands. Actually I really like the skirt and think it’s a classic, but I don’t need multiple version of it. I’m just too lazy to look for it. I don’t understand releasing two wrap pants, but maybe that the trend for spring and I missed it. I actually like the tunic style top of S9130, but I’m sure I have it in my stash already.

Look… I know that people start sewing all the time (and I’m excited about that) and that older patterns are discontinued regularly so that re-releasing basics is a necessity, so I sort of get it, but not really.

Also worth pointing out, why have these old patterns warranted a re-release as with the new branding? I’m guessing they are some of the most popular older patterns.


In addition to these, I’m pretty sure that S9123, S9120 and S 9117 are re-release as well, I again just tired of searching. I noticed that Mimi’s S8749 and S8655 received the new branding, but kept their numbering. Maybe they are to recent to renumber? I do know that both of those are popular, so that defends my theory above.

Lastly, are these patterns supposed to be different?


The good news is I will definitely not be adding to my pattern stash like I used to. Which is actually a GREAT thing, I truly don’t need anymore. As my husband likes to point out, I will never probably sew all of the patterns I currently own. **hater**

Anyway, what were your thoughts? Was this release exactly what you were hoping for? or were you like me not inspired for the most part?


6 responses to “Tip’s Thoughts: Simplicity Spring 2020 Release”

    1. Did you like any of the other ones?

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      1. yes but I have patterns that are similar to the others lol so the Mimi ones seemed more exciting to me


      2. I agree many seem to be repeats.

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  1. OMG what is going on with the shoes on the models in these patterns? I am finding them seriously ugly and distracting. Except for Mimi G, she is perfection.


    1. I didn’t even notice the shoes because I was so unimpressed with the patterns, but you are correct. I think it goes with the whole bone they are going for.


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