Project Run & Play Wk 3: To Grandmothers House

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If I’m honest, this is week was the one I was most worried about. Miss Socialite is twelve so she’s not as into fairy tales as she used to be. When I asked her what fairy tale character she wanted to be she immediately said “Little Red Riding Hood!’. Obviously that meant a red hooded cape, but what else?


When I asked her what else would go with it she said she had to think about it. A little while later she handed me this sketch of a red cape, white tee, gingham shorts and a red overskirt. Apparently she’s the designer and I’m just the seamstress, LOL. She originally wanted red gingham, but I had to swap it to black because is what I had on hand. I actually think it works better and in the end I think she agreed with me. I also opted for a tie closure for the overskirt. Aside from those small changes I feel that I accurately created her vision. One of the perks of sewing is that I can make these kinds of ideas come true for her.


For the cape I used McCalls 7460, view C because I definitely wanted the hood and she chose the the squared hemline. This red stretch crepe, from Minerva Fabrics, was in my stash and is the perfect shade of red. It is 63% polyester 33% viscose and 4% spandex and sewed up lovely. See here for the other colors options.


I also used the crepe for the overskirt which I drafted myself using her measurements. See the graphic below for how I drafted this simple A-line skirt pattern. I forgot to add that you should add your seam allowance and hem depth to the pattern piece.


I then cut the fabric using the pattern. The back piece is cut on the fold (right photo). For the front piece I just measured out the distance I wanted since she didn’t want a full front and drew a line using the same angle for the side seam (left photo). You can either copy this to a new pattern piece or just fold the excess under.


Unfortunately I think I didn’t allow for enough coverage so I added two front bands using two 3″ pieces of fabric cut at the same angle. For the waistband I simply cut a 3″ wide strip of fabric the length of her waist measurement plus 20″ to provide ample length for a bow.


Lastly the shorts are McCalls 7150 (OOP) and modified them to have a flat front and adjustable button elastic back. I referred to this post by Made Everyday as a guide for the adjustment. The black and white gingham shirting I picked up from a local store (Fabric Joint) was supposed to be a shirt dress for me. Sadly this is not the first time she has claimed fabric from my stash that I already had plans to use. Thankfully, I still have two yards so maybe that shirt dress is now a shirt. LOL

She loves all the pieces and I love that she designed it to be practical for everyday wear.

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Fingers crossed I’ll make it to next week the last week where the top 3 face off for the grand prize.

3 responses to “Project Run & Play Wk 3: To Grandmothers House”

  1. Love that color scheme. Those shorts are the best, I would love a pair just like it. Job well done.


  2. […] gingham shirting I used to make Miss Socialite’s shorts¬† (here) was originally purchased for me and I think it would be perfect for […]


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