Tip’s Thoughts on Vogue Summer 2020

Typically in the reviews I start with the reviews with the patterns I like, but there was one pattern in this release that was so bizarre that I have to start with it.

Y’all…Y’ALL What is this? Why on earth are there elbow holes on this jacket? Elbow patches? Yes! Elbow holes? Emphatic NO! As a southerner I don’t even get summer jackets, but I know not everyone agrees or has scorching hot summers so I give them a pass. Do some people’s elbows overheat?

I’m not sure I would like this jacket minus the elbow detail though I suppose I could see it worn over a simple sheath dress. There’s just so much going on here – the gathers, the cutout, the ruffles AROUND the cut out. Like why do you need cut outs AND ruffles?! If anyone can defend this, please do. I really like the other Rachel Comey pattern.


Okay let’s move on to the patterns I will (likely) purchase.


V1708 – I think many of us love this jumpsuit. I mean wide legs, elastic waist, plunging v-neck and a big bow – what’s not to like? It didn’t hurt that they used polka dots for the romper view, a print I’ve recently realized I love. Essentially this pattern is simply elastic waist wide legged pants with two over-sized sashes attached.  It would be fairly simple for me to draft myself. I’d use Simplicity 8389 for the bottoms and for the sashes I would cut fabric with a width equal to my waist measurement and a length determined by how big I wanted my bow to be. Then fold each sash piece in half length wise and sew one short side an the long side. Then just gather it to fit half the front waist band and attach. Still I will likely just buy the pattern because I can be lazy.

V1692 – Almost every release Vogue includes a fancy dress or jumpsuit and I fight the urge to buy it. I know that my lifestyle doesn’t call for as many semi-formal pieces as I would like to make and I’m striving to curate a more practical wardrobe. That said, I’m breaking down and getting this one, I love the keyhole detail, the racer back and of course the high slit. Rarely do I copy the pattern model, but they nailed it with the color choice here.

V1696 – This dress is a reprint from 1954 and I’m a sucker for dresses from that decade. Often they look very similar – a fitted bodice with a gather full skirt or a tight fitting wiggle dress- but the ribbon neckline detail makes this one stand out and I love it.

On to patterns I like, but probably won’t buy.




V1704 – Unlike that weird jacket I quite like this pattern by Rachel Comey. I’m not always a fan of a statement sleeve but I quite like the exaggeration here and the pants have great details (tapered leg, front pleats, welt back pocket, tabbed fly). So why is it not on my buy list? I don’t think I can pull this look off, which is weird because I know my mother could and supposedly I’m her replica. Maybe I’ll give it a try once I see it on someone else.

V1697 – I love this elegant bias cut slip dress, but in addition to not having any occasion to wear such a gown I’m past the age (and cup size) where I can go braless without any type of support. The back detail is gorgeous though. Maybe I could try one of those backless bras like this one.

V1709 – While I would never sew a sheer blazer, I do love the lines of this jacket and I could see it in a tropical suiting, linen or crepe. A few buttons or snaps added to the front overlay would turn this into a lovely coat dress. On the other hand, I already have quite a few blazer and coat dress patterns. So I’ll only grab if I’ll be sewing it immediately, not just to add to my collection.

V1691 – I love stripes and I love patterns with angular details like this one, but its too simple of a pattern to pay Vogue’s pricetag. I actually think that Kwik Sew or McCalls had a very similar pattern not too long ago. It also reminds me of V1550, which I already own.

V1693 – Bear with me here. I’m not a fan of the fabric they use here as lace just isn’t my thing, but if you look at the line drawing  it has potential. I’d probably swap the gathered lower skirt for a circle or omit all together though.

Whelp, that’s it for me the rest of the collection was meh. Which were your faves? Do you agree that the elbow vents are odd? Let me know in the comments.

2 responses to “Tip’s Thoughts on Vogue Summer 2020”

  1. I looked at the picture of the ruffled elbow vents before reading what you said, and I thought the exact same thing! Like, who would do that??? My favorite was the blue and white striped dress but I agree, there’s no reason to but a Vogue pattern for that😊


    1. 😂 🤣 😂 I think most of us agree on that jacket.

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