Bad Fabric and Pattern Pairing: McCalls 8084

  • Skill Level*: Novice
  • Sewing Time: half day
  • Pattern Rating*: 6 

This Telio bubble satin crepe from is a bit of a pain to cut as like most satins it is slipper and is best to cut single layer. The fabric sews just find though, I used pins with no issues, but clips would probably be better. It has a bit of stretch. It feels lovely.

This fabric was given to me by as a part of Atlanta Sewing Style’s partnership with McCall’s pattern company. I had requested a crepe fabric and it was substituted with this satin crepe.



McCall’s 8084 is an easy summer pullover dress pattern. This tie front dress is cute and I’ve seen so many turn out great for my fellow sewsistas on IG (see here). However this was a fail for me! I’m going to blame it on the fabric because the ones that I’ve seen and loved have been out of a more structured fabric like a linen or ankara cotton. It could also be the case that this pattern just isn’t for my apple body type.

As far as the construction the dress comes together easily and the instructions are clear. I do think the garment has a great deal of ease. I sewed the large and I feel part of my issue is that the dress is swallowing me.





This pattern is a quick sew that seems to work for many but just doesn’t work for me.

Pattern:  McCalls 8084

Pattern Description: Semi-fitted dress, tie front bodice, dolman sleeves, A: ruffle, B: elastic cuff. Elastic waist, length variations, B: hemline ruffle.

Sizing: XS-XL

Difficulty: Novice

Fabric Used: Telio bubble satin crepe from

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Sort of

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, very simple

Did I make in alterations? No

Would I sew it again? I may try it in a heftier fabric.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes, but be cautious with a drapier fabric.

8 responses to “Bad Fabric and Pattern Pairing: McCalls 8084”

  1. Dianne Robertson Avatar
    Dianne Robertson

    Clearly the fabric when you look at the IG examples and the fact that you’re not wearing any shoes with it makes it look like a robe. I will just chalk it up to being the moment that I realize YOU can make a mistake once in a while cuz usually your choices are spot on. I”m confident you can turn it into something that will look like you meant it to be.


    1. Thanks! I’m ok with not all projects being winners (it does suck a little). I very rarely try to save things after construction. I’ll just use it as a cute lounge dress! I need more of those nowadays.


  2. Sorry you don’t love this. Maybe take it in a bit?


  3. The way you are styling it in the pic does look more like a very nice lounge dress. I like it, but agree with you: try a heftier fabric. Not a fail but an opportunity—-you can still rock it!


  4. Julie Fountain Avatar
    Julie Fountain

    It’s so frustrating when you make something and the fabric really isn’t right for the project. I’ve done that enough times to know. Yes, it does look like a robe, so maybe a house dress – but in any case, I think you should modify the sleeves slightly with an inward curve so they’re not so full at the bust and shorten them by one and a half to two inches. Thanks for posting. It’s really helpful to see how these patterns come out in reality on real people. You’ve looked fabulous in everything else you’ve made. This one is certainly due to the fabric. Try with the sleeve ruffle next time, I think that will balance the shape for you better – but still shorten the sleeves.


  5. […] M8084 wasn’t a winner for me, read why here. […]


  6. Hi! I just came across your blog and I can tell ill be gaining a lot of inspiration from your posts. Im pretty new to sewing and I bought this pattern today. I think I have a similar body style as you do. Do you recommend sewing the same as your ‘ready to wear’ clothes size from off the rack? I have heard its better to size down but I’m still learning about this.
    thank you, and fabulous content!


    1. Hi Lauren, I’m glad you’ve decided to take up sewing! I have a whole post on selecting you pattern size .
      You actually need to size up from your RTW but usually smaller than the recommend size on the pattern envelope (I explain it all in the post). Honestly if you’re brand new to sewing I wouldn’t recommend this pattern, it’s not difficult, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a true novice. If you have a few garments already under your belt, then give it a shot.


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