Spring and Summer 2020 Vision Board

Every season, usually right after the new big four patterns are released, I create a list of patterns I want to sew. I jot down the pattern company, the number/name, the type of garment, the view I want to sew and the fabric I want to use. I never get around to everything on the list, but that’s fine with me. It’s more about having projects to go to so that when I have the time to sew I don’t waste time trying to pair fabrics and patterns.

Most seasons I make a vision board of digital sketches to have a visual of what I’d like to accomplish to go along with my list even though I don’t always blog about them. I like to print this out and keep at my sewing table and cross the makes off as I complete them. These also help me feel confident about my fabric pairs as it gives me a better idea about the finished project will look like.


Yall know I love dresses so I’m going to start with them.

  • I’ve already made M8030 (here).
  • M8090 is also completed (here).
  • M8083 was my contribution to Atlanta Sewing Style’s collaboration with McCall Pattern Company and Fabric.com (here).
  • I actually had the sleeved view of M7997 on my fall/winter board but didn’t get around to it so now it’s on the list for this season.
  • M8084 wasn’t a winner for me, read why here.
  • I cut out M7922 last year near the end of the season and  didn’t have time to sew it up. My goal is to finish it soon!
  • This halter dress by Mimi G is gorgeous but I’m still waiting for some fabric to speak to me.
  • I think I’m the only sewist who hasn’t sewn Mimi’s Jessica dress and that has to be remedied this season. I have some gold foiled Ankara fabric set aside of it. I still need buttons though.
  • M7562 is a TNT (here)


My love of one piece garments means jumpsuits are next up.

  • I’ve already sewn the first two versions of M8047. One in a snakeskin print and another in polka dots.
  • I’d also like to make the strapless version of M8047 in a green ponte.
  • M8028 will be a project for Minerva Crafts using a stretch crepe (see more here)
  • M7936 is a simple jumpsuit I’d love to make in a neutral chambray or linen.
  • I probably won’t make both the jumpsuit and the dress of M9097 but I have a denim in mind for the jumpsuit. Stay tuned to see if it gets made.


Because of my love one pieces my wardrobe suffers in the separates department.

  • M8041 is a casual top I grabbed mainly to wear to the office. Now that we are working from home it may slide down a few slots on the list.
  • The gingham shirting I used to make Miss Socialite’s shorts  (here) was originally purchased for me and I think it would be perfect for M7542.
  • I’ve already sewn S1017 here and I can’t wait to make the cropped version of these pants out of a crepe fabric from Minerva (see more here).
  • M7726 were a hit when they were released but I did see a few iffy reviews. I may make the shorts first to save fabric just in case.
  • I loved S8093 when I made them the first time a few years ago and ever since I’ve meant to make another pair. I have this striped linen for joanns that would be perfect to these cropped pants.
  • I can not wait to make Mimi’s new separates pattern. I love the simple cami and the pleated front trousers, both pieces are staples to any wardrobe. I have an amazing zebra linen that I think will be perfect for this, but I want to make a test outfit in an Ankara first. The only thing I consider making a “muslin” for is pants and I think I may have to lengthen the top so it will be worth it to save my zebra linen for the second make.



Last but not least, I can’t wait to make this raincoat, S8544. I’ve been wanting to make one for quite a while, possibly because the last few seasons here have been quite rainy. Either way I have this amazing double faced raincoat fabric from Minerva Crafts in my fabric stash.




Tell me your must makes for the season in the comments!

Wanna know how I create my vision board? Watch my tutorial, here!

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