TipStitched Tips: How create digital sketches

I’m a techie person, I majored in math and engineering. I love numbers which is why I can rattle of pattern numbers, but will likely never remember these new McCalls pattern hashtags. Honestly I’m just really bad at names period (keep that in mind if we ever meet in person).

I think many people assume that sewists are artsy types and many are, but I think my analytical side is a plus when it comes to sewing. After all patterns are used to create garments just like blueprints are used to build bridges and buildings. Quite a few of the sewists I know and follow have science based backgrounds, like engineering or chemistry.

Still I wish I had more of an artsy side, my dad is an artist (really he majored in art), my mom is a good doodler and my sister can sketch faces and such. Somehow that gene missed me entirely because all I can draw is stick people.

Since sketching my sewing ideas with pencil and paper is a no go I turn to my techie side to create “digital sketches” using Adobe Photoshop. If you’re interested in learning how to create these as well, check the video below. Also check out my previous post to see my vision board for Spring/Summer 2020.

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2 responses to “TipStitched Tips: How create digital sketches”

  1. You are a genius! This tutorial is so helpful. I love technology but wouldn’t have been able to figure this out without your help. I have only Photoshop Essentials but I think it should work for this. Thank you!


    1. I’m glad it was helpful. I think you’d be able to do the color fill at the very least.


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