I’m a Fabricista: Beaute Jadore Swing Dress

  • Skill Level*: 3 Intermediate
  • Sewing Time: 1 day
  • Pattern Rating*: 3 Meh

SwingDressTwirlI had a few frustrations with this pattern, however the end result is cute. It being a simple pattern helped it come up from a 2 rating. Overall the dress is a lovely with is gather neck line and tent shape. It is perfect for a hot summer day when you still want to look dressed up. When it’s safe to interact with people again I’m sure it will be worn to a festival or outdoor concert.I was planning to make a jumpsuit with this fabric for this month’s Fabricista post but Johanna of Sew Very Jo (blog, IG) mentioned she was sewing this dress and I decided to make it too. See her’s here.SwingDressBack


This is the first pattern that I’ve sewn by Beaute J’adore and while I like the finished product that pattern has a few issues. So much so that I created a sewalong video while sewing it because I thought it would benefit others. You can watch is here.First I had to figure out how to print the pdf as it isn’t like any other pdf pattern I’ve printed. I’ll admit when I looked closer this is addressed in the instructions and I somehow overlooked it. Johanna, of So Very Jo, overlooked it as well so I think this could be a common issue. The file is one large sheet so it has to be printed using the poster setting. This is troublesome to me because you can’t print out just the sheets you need, which is something I always try to do to save paper. Also the test square is on page 31 and when you print using the poster setting you can’t print just that page which means you’ve wasted 31 sheets of paper before you realize something is wrong. Admittedly if you print at 100% you should have an issue, but still. Also the file lacks layers which isn’t a deal breaker, but I always like it when pdf pattern offer this feature. But probably my biggest issue is that the pages lack a border or any circles are diamonds to line up the pattern.Secondly, the instructions are a little lacking. You don’t always know what you’re going to get with pdf patterns sometimes you get very detailed instructions like with Closet Case or Untitled Thoughts, other times you get concise and clear instructions like Studio Calicot. Unfortunately these were neither. A few steps seem to be skipped, like sewing the side seams. Pictures versus illustrations are a personal preference, I prefer the later and this pattern has pictures.Lastly the size appears to run large despite the size chart. No finished measurements are given, which is okay given the fullness of the dress, but I always find them helpful. According to the size chart I’m larger than the XXL (18) which the size chart says will fit 38/31/41, while I’m 42/36/45. I wasn’t worried about anything other than the bust because of the loose design of the dress and even that wasn’t much of a concern because it only fits at the high bust, so I cut the largest size. I could probably take in about 1-1.5″ at the side seams though once I finished this dress I didn’t feel like redo anything.I also really wished this pattern included side pockets. Sadly I didn’t think of it until this I tried it on. Thankfully Johanna thought of it and has a tutorial for how to add side seam pockets here.


This cornflower blue tencel chambray is from Fabric Mart. It is smooth and lightweight with great drape. The gathers in this dress are great, because while not sheer this fabric is a bit transparent. Unfortunately this fabric has sold out but they have a lovely selection of linen chambray, here.Chambray is easy to work with, though it is a light fabric it isn’t slippery. It is often made with linen, tencel, cotton or a blend. It often comes in blue and looks like denim, but it can come in any color. Use needle a size 11 needle for wovens. It’s easy to work with as it sews and presses well.SwingDressFannySquat


The instructions have you attached the straps on the inside of the dress and topstitch, instead I encased the straps in between the facing and bodice pieces. I didn’t want to topstitch of the gathers and the straps seem more secure this way. I show you how to do this is the video.If I sew this again I would size down and I’d definitely add pockets which Johanna can walk you through as she did a tutorial on it, here.SwingDressFannywide


Pattern: Beaute J’adore Swing Maxi DressPattern Description: Women’s double strap swing maxi dress PDF pattern.Sizing: 6-18Difficulty: 3/IntermediateFabric Used: Cornflower blue tencel chambray from Fabric MartDoes it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? YesWere the instructions easy to follow? Not really, but the dress is simple enough that if you’ve sewn a dress with a facing you’ll be just fine.Did I make in alterations? No but I should’ve sized down and added pockets.Would I sew it again? Maybe, but probably notWould I recommend it to others? If you like the it’s not difficult to sew, but I’d advise new sewists to try another pattern.SwingDressFrontWalk2

2 responses to “I’m a Fabricista: Beaute Jadore Swing Dress”

  1. Dianne Robertson Avatar
    Dianne Robertson

    You do very good job of modeling it. I especially like the brown belt-bag.


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