Mini Marcel


Miss Socialite loves her Mini Marcel top and dress and that’s really the biggest selling point for me. You see as she become a teen she has become more picky about the things I sew for her.  I get it, you want to be cool and follow the trends at that age, but come on I’m pretty fashionable! She wasn’t too excited about this make when I was sewing it, but after she put it on she requested 5 more!

  • Skill Level*: 2
  • Sewing Time: one day
  • Pattern Rating*: 4.5

The Mini Marcel is obviously the kids version of the Marcel so there’s not much more to say here. One difference is the addition of an elastic channel at the back. I think this is more helpful for the smaller sizes. I sewed a 12 and really didn’t need the elastic.

Just like for my Marcel test I started with the top view for fit and moved on to the mini dress length. She loves both, but like I said before she’s more about separates so she wants more tops with matching shorts. 


This blue geometric peachskin is leftover from a jumpsuit I made a while back, see it here. Out of the options I gave her she picked this one which is no surprise because her current favorite color is blue.

This fabric was also a remnant left over from my Amy Jumpsuit, see it here. I’ve been trying to put a serious dent in my stash while I’m sheltering in place. Since she is insisting that I make her more tops (and matching shorts) I may let her pick some fabric online. 


I just omitted the elastic in the back of the dress.


A great pattern. Grab yours now while the Mini Marcel is on sale! There’s also a bundle for both the womens and girls pattern. The sale ends July 13th.

Pattern:  Mini Marcel 

Pattern Description: The Mini Marcel is a woven dress and tank top that is fitted through the chest and loose through the waist and hips. There are two dress views: View A is Midi length and View B is Mini length. View C is a tank top that ends at the high hip.

Sizing: 12 months to 12 years

Difficulty:  2/Beginner

Fabric Used: Remnants from previous projects. 

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes

Did I make in alterations? No

Would I sew it again? She insists that I do

Would I recommend it to others? Yes

2 responses to “Mini Marcel”

  1. Great job to mom! She‘s beautiful in both!


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