Chartruese Caftan: IVEY Goddess Gown


The Goddess Gown is the first pattern released by the recently launched independent pattern company, IVIYE. The Goddess Gown is a simple, modern caftan pattern. Caftans are the perfect attire for comfort during southern hot summer months. They are great to lounge around the house in, chill in the backyard or by the pool or were out to brunch (go away COVID). I will be wearing this one nonstop.

  • Skill Level*: 2/Beginner
  • Sewing Time: 1 day
  • Pattern Rating*: 3
The Goddess Gown Pattern.png

The Goddess Gown has a mini, knee and maxi dress option. It features a faced V-neck and in seam pockets. The size range of XS to 3X which covers from a 38″ to a 50″ bust.

The pdf files include a print at home version (A4) as well as printshop (A0). I received a printed copy of the pattern and I would recommend you print this pattern if you buy it. The print at home pattern that I received lacks a grid or any type of way to line up the pattern pieces properly, much like the Beaute J’adore Swing Dress so I imagine it would be a pain to tape together. On the plus side this is divided into sheets unlike the one large file like the swing dress. Also included are two Digital Fabric Swatches that were designed specifically for The Goddess Gown. These swatches can be printed by a company like Spoonflower or Contrado.

This pattern comes together quickly as there are only 6 pieces. Which is good because the instructions are lacking. If you’ve ever sewn a woven top or dress with facings you shouldn’t have any issues here. However the instructions are just five steps without any illustrations so I could see this being an issue for a newbie.

The pattern claims to run large, but I’d disagree. Currently I’m 42″/37″/45″ so according to the side chart I’d be medium (well…my bust and hips). Typically for a loose fitting dress like this I’d go with my bust measurement as it’s supposed to flow over your waist and hip, but something told me to go with a large. I’m glad I did! I barely had any room through the hips in the large so I wouldn’t have been able to get the medium on. So I’d actually suggest sizing up or going with your largest size if you want a flowing maxi. Also consider adding a bit of length. I’m 5’5″ and sewed a 1/2″ hem. If you want it to skim the ground in heels are you’re taller than me you’ll need a few extra inches.

As much as I love the final product I have to point out a few issues I had with the pattern itself. Now any new company will have a few snags so I won’t hold this against them.

  1. All the pattern pieces are full pieces. The front, back and facings are symmetrical so they can be printed and cut on the fold. I prefer on the fold pieces because there’s less cutting and smaller pieces fit on my cutting table better. When it comes to pdfs there’s also the benefit of paper savings. I just folded my front, back and facings in half.
  2. Each view is a separate pattern. So to make all three lengths you’d need to print three different patterns. I’m used to just seeing three hemlines on a main pattern piece. This makes no sense to me.
  3. There are no illustrations or photographs in the instructions. That’s really not an issue here as it’s a really simple pattern, but it could be an issue for newbies. I personally prefer illustrations to photos, but I’m accustomed to having one or the other.

I brought these issues up to Lynn of IVIYE and she informed me that the first two issues have been addressed and that she has plans to add illustrations soon.


The fabrics recommendations includes any drapey woven fabric. I’d suggest a crepe, challis, voile, or even a lightweight linen.

Caftans are great projects to showcase big bold patterns, like florals or abstract prints. I took a risk here with a busy, bright print blouseweight woven from Fabric Mart. This chartreuse and gray leopard print was left over from my previous bodysuit make here. It has a smooth hand and nice drape that worked great for this project.  


I added interfacing to the facing pieces even though it wasn’t called for. Also I used the pockets from Mimi G’s Katie shirtdress pattern because I just didn’t get the shape of the patterns pockets.


Pattern:  IVIYE Goddess Gown

Pattern Description: a modernized caftan offered it in 3 different lengths, floor-length, knee-length, and thigh-length. Wherever you arrive in the Goddess Kaftan, you’re sure to turn heads. And, it has pockets!

Sizing: XS-3X, I cut a large

Difficulty: 2/Beginner

Fabric Used: Chartreuse leopard print blouseweight woven from Fabric Mart.

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Sort of. It’s not as full as the illustrations.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes if you’ve ever sewn a simple dress before, but the lack of illustrations may make it difficult to a beginner.

Did I make in alterations? No, next time I would grade out past the bust along the side seams for more fullness.

Would I sew it again? Maybe, it comes together quickly but there are so many other caftan patterns out.

Would I recommend it to others? If you really like the look go for it, just know the directions are scare. I am editing my sewalong video now so I’ll be sharing that soon.

10 responses to “Chartruese Caftan: IVEY Goddess Gown”

  1. Thank you for sharing this review Tiffany. It was very helpful. Love your dress and fabric choice.


    1. Glad it was helpful.


  2. That turned out really cute! It also looks super comfortable👍


    1. Thank you. It is pretty comfy.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. […] my version of the IVIYE Goddess Gown as well as some of my issues with it. Read the entire review here. One issue was the lack of illustrations or photos to go along with the instructions. This […]


  4. Thank you for your honest review, Tiffany. I’m constantly seeking ways to improve our patterns and the process.🙂


    1. Love the dress. There are always growing pains!


  5. Hey Tiffany, I forgot to leave a comment the other day…. I love this dress! And the print is amazing! The review was timely and needed! Thank you!


  6. Hi Tiffany,

    Thanks for your review and the tutorial video you also posted. I made this dress for #bhmpatterndesigners challenge and I agree that the pattern is simple and easy to make, but will be surprising to newcomers for the lack of instructions (I downloaded Feb 2021). I am glad to find your review and tutorial because I think the pattern will be great for very new beginners with this assistance. I found that the dress was very low cut, but I see that it is not on you, leading me to think this is an issue with me and not the pattern. (Well, an issue with how the pattern fits my body but probably not a general concern for others.)


    1. I made this mid 2020. So maybe the neckline was redrafted? I had got issues with it so maybe she addressed that and deepened it.


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