IVIYE Goddess Gown: Step by Step Video

When I asked on my IG if y’all wanted a sewalong video, the overwhelming answer was YES! I mean it was a silly question, who was going to say no? LOL Turns out I felt compelled to make one anyway.

Yesterday I shared my version of the IVIYE Goddess Gown as well as some of my issues with it. Read the entire review here. One issue was the lack of illustrations or photos to go along with the instructions. This wasn’t an issue for me, but I felt it might be for new sewists so I decided to do a step by step video to walk through how to sew this simple caftan pattern.

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I’ll show you step by step how to sew your own IVIYE Goddess Gown!

I hope that this video helps someone complete their Goddess Gown. Please check out my prior project review post before you begin sewing this project.

Let me know if you’d like me to make more step by step sewing videos! And if so, which patterns??