Skater Jumpsuit: Simplicity 9150


Some of you know I recently bought some roller skates. I talked about it here and there will definitely be more skate related posts as I’m creating so many skate accessories. I just knew this Mimi G jumpsuit would be super cute to skate in and I had to make it.

  • Skill Level*: 2/Beginner
  • Sewing Time: One sew day or a weekend
  • Pattern Rating*: 4
You see me rolling! LOL

I’ll be honest when I saw this pattern on Mimi’s IG feed I thought “YASSSS”, but I also thought “Maybe I’ll get fit enough by next summer to actually wear it.” Shortly there after I bought some skates and decided to take up outdoor skating during this time of shelter in place as I needed to motivate myself to get outside. (I also got a bike) That’s when I decided that this Mimi G for Simplicity pattern (S9150) would be a perfect skater outfit and that others would just have to deal with some of this jiggle.

It is often harder done than said to embrace your body as a woman (especially a poc) when beauty ideals we’ve been taught our whole lives doesn’t look like us. Even I as a person who knows that people’s issue with my body is just that THEIR issue, it can be difficult to be self conscious. This is especially true if you’re not happy with your body at it’s current state. I know I’ve gained 15 lbs since March as I haven’t been going to the gym and snacking more. Still I want to implore you to sew, buy and wear what you want!

Whew, that said this jumpsuit is a pretty easy sew. It requires a good amount of attaching elastic to hems (neck, back, waist, bodice hem,armhole) which can be a bit time consuming.Other than that everything comes together quickly.

As far as sizing, I cut a 20 and it was too large. I’m pretty sure that that is due the fact that my fabric is very stretchy. The finished bust and hip measurements for a size 20 are 38″ and 39-1/2″, respectively and currently my measurements are 42″ and 45″. So the 20 seemed safe however it looks like it calls for a knit with 50% stretch and double brushed poly usually has about 80% stretch. When I make a second version using a DBP I snagged with this one I’ll sew a 18, but if I use more of a nylon lycra I’ll stick to the 20 and take in if needed.


I’ve been envious of other sewists who seem to find great fabrics at Wal-Mart because my nearest store doesn’t have a fabric section and the one that does rarely has any nice fabric. So imagine my surprise and excitement when I spotted this striped, floral double brushed poly while looking for zippers. At just $2/yd I was ecstatic because if I backed down from wearing this jumpsuit out I wouldn’t have wasted much money.

I didn’t do the best job with pattern placement as you can tell with these blooms on my booty.

I was attracted to it because I have red skate accessories for my black skates and this fabric goes with that theme. I’m not usually a floral kinda girl, but I really like them over the stripes. Overall it sort of has a rockabilly vibe.

I also grabbed a mini polka dot double brush poly and planned to do another version with it.


I ended up taking in the sides about an inch on the sides from under the arm to just above the hip. I also could’ve taken it a bit more from the knee to the ankle. I also typically cut my elastic shorter than the guides.

Practicing transitions

Despite battling my initial body image issues I’m really feeling this jumpsuit. I can’t wait to make another and rock them at sewing metups!

Pattern:  Mimi G for Simplicity 9150

Pattern Description: Misses’ knit jumpsuit with wrap front & self-tie with pull-on knit mini skirt

Sizing: 6-14, 16-24

Difficulty: 2/beginner No trouble if you’ve worked with knits

Fabric Used: a striped floral double brushed poly from Wal-Mart

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes and there’s always Mimi’s video sewalongs

Did I make in alterations? No, but I did end up taking it in quite a it.

Would I sew it again? Yes!

Would I recommend it to others?  Yes!

5 responses to “Skater Jumpsuit: Simplicity 9150”

  1. Dianne Robertson Avatar
    Dianne Robertson

    Go on with yo’ bad self! That looks great and was a good idea. I might make one to do Zumba class with my niece on Zoom. I love the print.


    1. You definitely should!


  2. This is cute! And the truth is when you look good, you feel good and you are rocking this whole look!!!


    1. You’re right and thank you!


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