I’m baaaaack!!! Chalk and Notch Collab

Whew it’s been a while! Like many people over the last 18 months I’ve had many highs and lows. In addition to adjusting to quarantining, working from home, the kids attending virtual school (and now going back to in person with COVID numbers back on the rise), skipping vacations and missing friends and family I’ve also dealt with the loss of my dog (a 16yo yorkie that I’ve had since he was 10wks 5 old), an unplanned house purchase (we went from offer to closed in 32 days), being rear-ended in my new car (still had temporary tags) and learning I have to have a surgery (no worries, it’s minor).

It hasn’t all been bad. I’ve actually loved having the kids home, I’ve rediscovered my love of skating, I made a trip to see my dad and friends, I love the new house and thankfully my car is still drivable! Still I haven’t been doing much sewing (that’s not skating related).


Whenever I’ve taken a break from sewing I find it best to return to sewing with a quick project. So my collab with Chalk and Notch for the Pony Tank was right on time. If you’re looking for a comfy, summer top or dress this is a great pattern.

  • Skill Level*: 1/Novice
  • Sewing Time: an hour or two.
  • Pattern Rating*: 5/Tried and True


The Pony together so quickly as there’s just a front, back, neck and armbands. This pattern is great for batching, as Michele pointed out. I first sewed up this tank version as sort of a wearable muslin before sewing the dress view. Thankfully the fit is great and it’s a knit so it would’ve been forgiving had I been a bit off.

I sewed up the cropped version because I knew it would be a skate tank to go with my zebra skate set up and I typically skate in high top leggings. Thank said it works well with jeans and shorts as well because it hits right at the waist not above the belly button like a true tank.


This zebra print knit was a remnant piece from Joann Fabrics which is described as 90% viscose and 10% spandex. I grabbed it because I love animal prints, but it was only a 1 yard remnant. Thankfully that’s all this tank calls for 1 yard even in the size 18 I sewed.




Simple pattern that is easy to make and fun to hack (I’ll show you one in the next post)

Pattern:  Chalk and Notch Pony tank

Pattern Description: The Pony Tank is a swing shaped knit tank top or dress with a curved hem. There are three views: a cropped tank, a tank top, and a tank dress. 

Sizing: 0-30, I sewed a 18

Difficulty: 1/novice

Fabric Used: Zebra print jersey knit

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very

Did I make in alterations? no

Would I sew it again? already have!

Would I recommend it to others? Definitely

5 responses to “I’m baaaaack!!! Chalk and Notch Collab”

  1. Glad you’re back! I’ve missed seeing your projects. Sorry about your dog. That’s really tough.

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  2. I enjoyed seeing your post! I’m so sorry you lost your dog. I’ve had that happen with several different pets and it it always so hard. Especially when you’ve had them that long. 😢 Your skating outfit turned out good. Are you making one for Miss Socialite too? 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. No she’s not that into skating… Or animal print. 😂

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  3. Omg the carpet at the roller rink takes me back! Thanks for the update

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