Zig and Zag: Chalk and Notch Pony Stripes


If you saw my previous post you know I already made the Pony, but in a tank. Though the tank turned out great it was really a wearable muslin for the dress I knew I wanted to make.

  • Skill Level*: 1/novice
  • Sewing Time: minimal
  • Pattern Rating*: 5/TNT

Again this is a great pattern that has minimal pieces and therefore is quick to sew. However I added some complexity by hacking it. For patterns like this I often consider color blocking because you can easily modify a simple pattern into smaller pieces.

I was working with this black and white striped fabric, one of my fave combos, and knew I wanted to the play with the stripe directions. I decided to pair diagonal lines with vertical lines. To achieve this I first traced the front and back pattern to make another half to make one whole front and back. Then I simply used a yard stick to draw a line from the armhole to the opposite hem corner of both the front and back pieces.

I wanted the stripes for the top of the dress to be at an angle so I lined up the new upper pattern piece on the bias to create diagonal stripes. The lower pieces were cut along the grain as intended

You could also slice the front and/or back vertically along the center front or divide the front/back horizontally into threes for a tiered look. You can get really creative and make cuts any way you like. Just don’t forget to add a seam allowance to any cut line. Sometimes you don’t even have to do the work to alter the pattern yourself. If the pattern has multiple views, like the pony, you can utilize the hem lines of the other views as a great place to create break. With the pony the front/back cut along the cropped hemline, select one color fabric for the top piece and another for the extra dress length. Even easier is sew up the pattern with different color hem bands, sleeves or front and back pieces. Not sure what colors to mix? Consult a color wheels and start with analogous or complimentary colors for a sure win.

Top left: no colorblocking Top Right: monochromatic tiered colorblocking Middle: vertical colorblocking
Bottom Left: analogous angled colorblocking Bottom Right: vertical print colorblocking

This fabric is a black and white striped jersey knit that I *believe* came from Fabric Mart, but I’m not sure as it’s been in my stash for a while.


I created a two piece front and back by cutting the pattern pieces from the underarm to the opposite hem line. I used these new pieces to cut the fabric at different angles.


I really like this dress.

Pattern:  Pony tank/dress by Chalk and Notch

Pattern Description: a swing shaped knit tank top or dress with a curved hem. There are three views: a cropped tank, a tank top, and a tank dress. 

Sizing:  0-30 two cup sizes

Difficulty: 1/novice without my modifications

Fabric Used: a jersey knit

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? sort of

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very

Did I make in alterations? yes

Would I sew it again? yes

Would I recommend it to others? yes

2 responses to “Zig and Zag: Chalk and Notch Pony Stripes”

  1. Awesome job with the stripes!


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