New hobby alert: DIY shoes

Most of the reason I started sewing back in 2014 had been a dream from way back to create what I wanted, in the color and fabric I wanted and size (or sizes) that fit me. Often times I’d see something in a store, but not in my size or I wanted red and they only had green. We all know how hard it is to find an outfit when you need a particular color/type of outfit. The same thing can be said of shoes. I can’t be the only one that has a back up pair of black pumps because you found a great pair and you bought them even though you already had a pair. So after I started sewing I had a fleeting thought “wouldn’t it be great to make my shoes too?” But make your own shoes? No, you can’t do that.

Aren’t these adorable?
How amazing is this whole ensemble?

Or can you? I saw Jasika (who can seemingly do everything!) making shoes and a few others were making their own espadrilles. Then I saw Mimi started making sneakers and I discovered Jaime who was making amazing shoes (and boots!) to match her DIY makes. So I figured if they can do it so can I! During the height of the pandemic around, June 2020, the I Can Make Shoes online course was heavily discounted. I supposed because everyone was sitting at home looking for a new hobby, lol. Well that’s my excuse for purchasing anyway. I was all geeked to start, but with the gyms closed and nowhere to go I began to seek a activity that required going outside and moving my body. That’s when I rediscovered skating and got side tracked with skating outdoors, making a new set of friends and creating skating accessories.

Well now that things are “getting back to normal” and my new sewing room is coming together I want to return to making. If I’m being honest I gained more than a few pounds in the last few years so even though my sewjo is back I don’t want to sew too many fitted, structured garments right now. Therefore now is a great time to start shoemaking my shoe size has not changed since grade school.

High heel shoe component kit and high heel lasts from I Can Make Shoes Glues and cork filler from District Leather Supply

I highly recommend I Can Make Shoes online masterclass course. It’s what I’ve been following and Amanda explains everything clearly. Prior to my first attempt I watched the main portion of the course all the way through and she had me convinced that I could in fact make shoes. If you don’t want to shell out the course price without knowing what your jumping into Amanda as offers a FREE Intro to Shoemaking course to give you a taste of the process.

Other great places to learn to make shoes are:

So who else wants to make shoes?!

What do you think?

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