Closet Core Cielo


I’ve knocked another garment off my Spring Vision Board. After making View B of the Cielo dress last fall (which somehow never made the blog), I new I would make at least one of the dress views at some point.

  • Skill Level*: 2/ beginner
  • Sewing Time: a half day
  • Pattern Rating*: 5/ TNT

When I made the Cielo top last year I was a bit hesitant about how it would turn out as it seemed a bit boxy and I wasn’t sure I was on board the exaggerated sleeve trend, but I needed more tops so I gave it a go. Turns out I was really pleased with it and wore it often (though it seems I never blogged about it). That’s when I knew a dress version was also needed in my wardrobe.

I live in the southern US I decided to go with the short sleeved, view C, because even though this was a spring vision board I knew heat was coming (It’s currently 98F as I type). This view was also the clear winner because I love a cuffed short sleeve and I was intrigued by the front pockets.

The dress comes together quickly, I think I sewed everything, minus the hem which I hand slip stitched, in the better part of a day having cut it out the day before.


This yellow linen is from Joann Fabrics, I think. I love linen and apparently I’m in love with yellow all of a sudden as it isn’t a color I’m usually drawn to. With this summer heat linen is a life saver because it is a natural fiber so it breathes.

This linen is light to mid weight so it adds a bit of structure to this boxy silhouette. I don’t think a lightweight fabric would work well with the front inseam pockets. I would like to use a lighter weight fabric to sew View D soon.


None, except I didn’t topstitch anywhere including the cuffs. I simply tacked the sleeves and facings along the stitch lines and slip stitched the hem by hand.


This pattern is now a TNT, I love both the dress and top and both sleeves options.

Pattern:  Closet Core Cielo

Pattern Description: The Cielo Dress & Top is an easy, breezy take on a boxy tee and shift dress. Loaded with interesting details and interchangeable features, it will fast become a wardrobe-building favorite.

Choose between a semi-cropped top with a cuffed short sleeve (View A) or a dramatic gathered long sleeve (View B). Or, make an easy-fitting dress with sleek inseam pockets (View C), or without pockets (View D). All views have a slightly dropped shoulder, angled shoulder yoke and roomy fit, with a choice between an elegant bias binding or a faced neckline finish.

Sizing:  0-20, 14-32 I sewed a 18

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very

Would I sew it again? Yes!

What do you think?

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