Winter 2023 Sewing Plans

I had high hopes of being productive going into the holidays. I wanted to clean up and reorganize my sewing room, hang two mirrors, change out a light fixture and of course sew. As usual life interrupted my plans, well not in a bad way though. Instead of checking off my to-dos, I saw friends, relaxed and spent some quality time with the kids. That said my to-sew list was still waiting for me. My delay gave me the opportunity to create my vision board and sort out my pattern/fabric matching, so I’m going to share it with you.


I cut the striped fabric for the True Bias Jesse Tee months ago with the plans for matching shorts, but never got around to sewing either. This set is #1 on my list.

The second set is inspired by this Lee set I spotted at Wal-mart. They want $51 for the set and while that is not unreasonable I already have sweatshirt fleece fabric that I think will work perfectly for this.

I feel the Jessie tee will work great to replicate this crop top as they both have a dropped shoulder and cropped length. For the pants I’m going to try Simplicity 9272, Simplicity 9376 or a combo of the two for the wide legged pull on pants.

I realized during the cold snap before Christmas that I need more sweatshirts so I have several in the queue. Mimi’s S9450 were on my list to sew last winter and ended up rolling over to this year. I love the zippered pocket detail on the sleeve. My plan is to use a remnant of red french terry I have from Fine Fabrics. The striped hoodie is the Chalk and Notch Page hoodie which I’ve made before and love.

I may be the only sewist who has never sewn a pair of Hudson joggers and I plan to change that soon. I figure black is a good color to start with. Just for variety I will make the navy joggers using Closet Case Plateau patterns.


I seem to never have enough tops so as a way to rectify that I have a few winter ones planned. I just picked up Simplicity 9679/9680 because I love the neckline and cutout. I have a small dotted DBP that I like for this top. Next up I have another page hoodie in a burgundy french terry. For Mccalls 7722 I plan to use a large scale polka dot sweater knit or maybe a striped jersey…we’ll see. Lastly I have a simple raglan sweatshirt, S1317, using a light cream french terry. I have several cut of french terry so you may see many sweatshirts/hoodies if I get in a groove.


This is unusual for me because even in the winter my sewing plans are usually mostly dresses. However I’ve been sewing more separates, still these two dresses are perfect for lounging in cold weather. I snagged a rainbow ombre french terry during the same Fine Fabrics trip I mentioned above for Simplicity 9380. Though I don’t have a fabric in mind for New Look 6298 I want to make it.

Lastly I love McCalls 6272! I wear my houndstooth version often. Since leopard and houndstooth are my favorite prints I think I need a leopard version as well.

So those are my plans and they can absolutely change! Did you sew much over the holidays? Are you still sewing for winter or have you moved on to spring plans?

4 responses to “Winter 2023 Sewing Plans”

  1. Christmas sewing plans like they’re theoretical 🤣 especially, if you plan to sew for yourself it seems. I also have never sewn Hudson Joggers and I had the pattern since original release. 🙈 But pants are on my must sew list for this year, so maybe I’ll actually get around to making a pair. 🤞🏽


    1. Lol at least I’m not alone. Good luck to both of us on the Hudsons!


  2. Totally still on winter plans! I hate making something and not being able to wear it straight away. Making a trio of Hinterland dresses at the moment…


    1. Same! I want to wear my makes immediately!

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