I am a forty year old woman who fell in love with sewing after first trying my hand at it in 2014. As much as I wish that I could sew all day, my professional background is in engineering and I work full time in that capacity. In addition to my day job and this blog I’m a wife and stepmom. So yeah I stay pretty busy!

Back in 2014 I finally checked an item off my bucket list…learn to sew. I had no clue that this lingering interest would turn into an all consuming hobby. I’ve always wanted a hobby but my interest in a variety of things and my tendency to get bored easily has always prevented that. Finally I’ve found something I’m certain I will stick with.

I love to sew with knits mainly because that’s what I like to wear and it’s comfortable. You’ll notice that dresses are my favorite items to sew because they are my favorite to wear. I wear dresses all year long, though it is more challenging in the winter (layering and all). I just love the ease of putting on one piece and having a whole look instead of having to coordinate separates. I’ve been on a bit of hiatus since 2021, but I’m back!

I started the blog mostly to document my sewing journey. Originally I started a sewing journal to jot down on my notes after completing a pattern in case I made the pattern again later. I hate making the same mistakes twice and naturally I’m just a note taker/list maker so it made sense. However I wanted to keep pictures of my projects too. I guess I could’ve just printed photos and added them to the journal like a scrapbook, but let’s be honest how often do any of us print pictures anymore? I sure don’t. So I shifted gears and I decided I would just keep an online journal where I would keep my notes and upload photos.

I thought about a blog and decided there were already plenty of sewing blogs that were ran by bloggers much more advanced at sewing than I. Obviously I decided to go for it and here it is. I figured if no one ever discovers my little blog then essentially it is my private sewing journal and that if someone did happen to stumble across it and found any little thing helpful then GREAT! So hopefully you will decide to start sewing, learn something new, find a new pattern to try, give me some advice (I’ll be happy to take it) or leave an encouraging word. Thanks for visiting!

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