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Hi, I’m Tiffany and I love to sew! I am a forty year old woman who fell in love with sewing after first trying my hand at it in 2014. As much as I wish that I could sew all day, my professional background is in engineering and I work full time in that capacity. In addition to my day job and this blog I’m a wife (to a great husband who deals with my expanding fabric and pattern stash), stepmom (to two great kids Miss Socialite and Mr. Cool), daughter (of some pretty great parents), sister (to a great sis who requests garments but refuses to be photographed in them), doggie mom (to an aging yorkie). So yeah I stay pretty busy!

Back in 2014 I finally checked an item off my bucket list…learn to sew. I had no clue that this lingering interest would turn into an all consuming hobby. I’ve always wanted a hobby but my interest in a variety of things and my tendency to get bored easily has always prevented that. Finally I’ve found something I’m certain I will stick with.

I love to sew with knits mainly because that’s what I like to wear and it’s comfortable. You’ll notice that dresses are my favorite items to sew because they are my favorite to wear. I wear dresses all year long, though it is more challenging in the winter (layering and all). I just love the ease of putting on one piece and having a whole look instead of having to coordinate separates. I also like the ease of sewing tops and skirts, so you’ll see lots of those too. In 2017 I tackled my first wool coat (here) and in 2018 I hope to challenge myself with jeans. So hopefully you’ll see those sooner than later.

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I have placed in the following contests:

Fabric Mart Fabrics 3rd Annual Fabricista Fashion Challenge Second place winner

Project Run and Play Season 23 Fourth place

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Chalk and Notch

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Studio Calicot

**Previously Kommatia patterns

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My measurements (if that helps you with sizing) I had to update these:

Bust: 36″ (2014) | 38″ (2016)|40″ (2018)
Waist: 30″(2014) |33″(2016) |35″ (2018)
Belly Button: 34″(2014) |36″(2016) |37″ (2018)
Hips: 40″(2014) |42″(2016) |44″ (2018)

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Mask Maker Spotlight