Skill Level Rating
# of pattern pieces Fitting skills required
Novice 1-5 0-1 areas sew a straight line
Beginner 5-8 1-2 areas sew a curved line
Intermediate 8-12 3 areas add an inseam pockets, install a zipper or button
Advanced 12-14 4+ areas sew a fly or welt pocket
Expert 15+ 4+ areas ready to tackle anything
Pattern Rating
1 Boo Save your money – drafted poorly or poor instructions
2 Ehh Definitely make a muslin – if you already own it- try it, but don’t waste good fabric
3 Meh Can work with modifications – worth trying to fix, but don’t depend on the instructions
4 Yes Near perfect out the envelope – slight modification needed or just not for my body type
5 Ooh TNT worthy – sewed up great, clear instructions, fit my body type