My supplies

Sewing machines : Singer Stylist 7258 (main), Singer Precision 7444 (backup), Brother (older backup)

Serger: Brother 1034d (x2)

Coverstitch: Janome 900cpx

Shears: Gingher 8 in Knife Edge Dressmakers Shears

Craft Cutter: Cricut Maker (champagne)

Press: Easy Press 2 (Martha Stewart Special Edition Bundle)

Singer Stylist 7258

My husband bought me a second sewing machine for my birthday after I started Product_full_700x520-40c80f166f97a2cf71de15b0f789f9307029253aTipStitched as I need to have two quality machines. He tried to surprise me but didn’t know enough about sewing machines so he ended up just asking me what I wanted. He actually did do some research though and narrowed it down to this model and either the Singer Heavy Duty 4452 or 4411 and maybe two more. He wasn’t sure if I need a stronger machine or one with more features. I told him he did a good job, narrowed it down to the two singers (Stylist and Heavy Duty) and told him to decide. He picked the Stylist obviously and I love it. It is very similar to the Precision model  I already had, but had a few more bells and whistles like a needle position button, pedal free sewing options, speed control and more stitches.

I would recommend the machine to anyone! The only thing I don’t love is the buttonhole feature, but that could just be my lack of experience with (and aversion to) buttonholes.

Singer Precision 7444

Singer-7444I love my Singer Precision. It was gifted to me by my mother. She may say it was stolen, permanently borrowed or confiscated, but I preferred gifted. In truth I wanted to borrow her machine to test out this sewing thing instead of dishing out $100+ on a new one just it case I didn’t love it and well….it sorta never made it back to her house. In my defense it was in her storage unit so its not like she was using it anyway AND her she’s been gifted another one from a friend. Basically she was a blessing and she received a blessing. See how that all worked out.

I don’t believe Singer makes the Precision model anymore and I’m not sure what the current model equivalent is. However if you find the machine in a thrift store or on eBay and it works, I highly recommend it. Although I can only compare it to my Brother and my mothers Bernneta I do know it it a pleasure to work with. I have only had one timing issue with it and that was my fault.

You can read up about it here

Brother 1034d

brother 1034dAfter a couple of months of sewing I realized I was pretty serious about sewing and I decided I wanted a serger. I wasn’t quite sure why. The talk on the blogs I follow and sewing Facebook groups I belong to mentioned it helping to make garment looks more professional as it finished seams and prevent fraying. I prefer knits, so the fraying issue wasn’t top priority but finished seams seemed nice. So I search around and noticed that the Brother 1034d is highly recommended on several sites. Because I am #frougie considered buying used from eBay or amazon. However, some sew sisters talked me out of it. Also I managed to searched the interwebs for the best deal and it for slight more the than the average used cost on ebay on Amazon and Both had the machine for under $200 with free shipping. I still don’t think used was the wrong way to go but for $50-75 more I figured it was best to buy new in case I need to return it. So the Brother 1034d was my birthday gift to myself.

Once it arrived I was determined not to be intimidated. It did sit for a couple of days but mainly because I wanted to read the manual first, something I never do. So once I got around to reading/skimming the manual I grabbed some scrap fabric and practiced, practiced, practiced. Now I use my serger on almost every sewing project. I highly recommend a serger if you want to save time and the professionally finished seams and hems.

Update: I love this serger so much that I now have two.

Janome 900cpx


Thanks to my hubby a coverstitch machine has been added to my collection! I’ve been wanting one for a while now because I prefer knits and hemming knits can be a pain. I had been either serging the edge of hem and folding it over before folding over and zig zag stitching or double folding and then zig zag stitching. Thankfully those days are behind me. A coverstitch machine stitches and even double stitch on the top and a serged like finish on the inside. You typically find this stitch in the sleeve and body hems of RTW t-shirts.

The Janome 900 is a two needle machine and the needles (and hence your topstitching) are 5mm apart. Other machines, like the 1000cpx have three that can sew either a 6mm two needle, a 6mm three needle (with an extra stitch in the middle), a 3mm two needle stitch. While the option of narrow stitch would be nice, especially if I sewed lingerie or baby or doll clothes, the 5mm spacing has worked fine for me – so far.

Gingher 8″ Dressmaker Shears

gingherI LOVE my GINGHERS! When I first started sewing I was using scissors that came in a cheap sewing supply kit. They were horrible! Sometimes you do get what you pay for (that’s not frougie, it’s just cheap). I had problems cutting clean lines on my pattern pieces and kept reading that your sheers made all the difference. I even bought a rotary cutter and mat, but ended up returning it because they didn’t help. Finally I noticed Hancock had a 50% off Ginghers sale and I bought a pair. My oh my, I have no idea how I was getting by with those cheap scissors. My ginghers cut though fabric like a hot knife through butter. I’d like to have more pairs but I will have to wait until they go on sale again.

cricut station.jpg

Cricut Maker

I have wanted a cutting machine for a few years now and I finally have one! At first I was not sure which model to go with; Cricut Explore Air, Silhouette Cameo or Brother Scan n Cut, but when Cricut announced the Maker it seemed like the best option. The Maker can cut through more materials due to having the ability to apply more pressure. Two new blades, the knife and rotary, were introduced with this machine and allow it to cut fabric (without a backing) and certain woods.

Cricut EasyPress 2 (Martha Stewart Special Edition Bundle)

I’ll admit I wanted the Martha Stewart Bundle mainly because I preferred the gold color to the raspberry of the regular version. Though it costs more than the standard version, I chose it because it includes the 12″ x 12″ EasyPress Mat, 6 – 8.5″x12″ sheets of Martha branded iron-on and 2 flower iron ons. At the moment I’m typing this (1/5/19) the standard 9″x 9″ EasyPress 2 is $149 and the MS Bundle is $169, so you actually save money with the bundle as the mat sells for $24.99.

Note:The special edition is only sold at Micheal’s and it only available in the 9″x 9″ size.

Wishlist – Just in case anyone is feeling generous

  • Embroidery Machine